MINCA was founded by Australians based in NYC,

Elsa James & Toby Beaumont.


We designed our wedding dress collection to be chic, simple, high quality and affordable. Our wedding dresses are all handmade in New York's Garment Districts with beautiful fabrics sourced in New York and Italy.

Our dresses are designed for modern brides who want to look amazing in a well designed & tailored dress, but don't want to spend a fortune.

Each wedding dress is handmade to order. 

Elsa says, "My goal has always been to create dresses that I'd love to wear. Simplicity is at the heart of our vision for MINCA. Less is always more."


We built MINCA on the belief that your wedding day should be about self expression. And it shouldn't be weighed down by tradition & expectation.

And we created MINCA for couples like us - who want a beautiful day on their own terms.